Who we are

Here’s how to contact us and who we are:

Email contact@modelcc.net
Post 3B Lynedoch Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7PX
Phone 07909 504328
Twitter @ContactModelCC
Appointed 21 October 2013.
Chair John Samuel
Vice-chair Eleanor Avril
Secretary Ian David
Treasurer Susan Jane
Other elected members
Pamela Connelly
Adeboyo Oyewale
Rosemary Little
Fred Nosowicz
Nominated groups
Model Development Association
Associate and ex-officio members
Lena Kessler
(minutes secretary)
Fred Bloggs MSP
Jock Tamson MP
Cllr Harry Potts
Cllr Marcella Mirin
Cllr Aikiko Mihake
Cllr Bevan O’Connor
All members (re)joined MCC in October 2013.

Members are usually elected every 4 years, but individuals who demonstrate a commitment or have a local knowledge or expertise can be co-opted between elections.  If you would like to become a member then please contact us at contact@modelcc.net.

All Community Councils are made up of local people who have the support of at least two of their neighbours and are willing to regularly attend the monthly meetings. If you would like to become a Model Community Council member, you can find more information here.

In addition  local groups can be co-opted onto the council.  The following groups are currently represented: Model Development Association.

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